Klaxcar optimizes its e-commerce platform of auto parts for professionals

With 25 years of experience, Klaxcar is a reference in aftermarket in France and abroad. A strategic asset, our seniority in the sector does not prevent us from adapting to developments and new trends. The proof with e-commerce. Klaxcar optimizes its e-commerce platform of auto parts for professionals with a detailed and complete webcatalogue, made with and for our customers. Find out how it works!

Klaxcar-Plateforme Ecommerce

Discover the Klaxcar webcatalogue!

How does the Klaxcar webcatalogue work?  Concretely, it is a search engine. Different fields and filters allow you to easily and quickly find a range of auto parts or a particular product. On our webcatalogue, you can:

  • search by reference, with a free-text field for manual entry of AM or OEM reference, and a drop-down list of brands if you want to refine the search;
  • search by vehicle, specifying the make, model, engine and type of vehicle;
  • search by family products directly.
    AND in addition to these different research modules, you can further specify with more or less technical characteristics, including the product family and technical specifications (material, dimensions, colors, etc.).

The Klaxcar webcatalogue offers a multitude of options, allowing everyone to better organize their search according to needs and criteria. By checking the box "creations of the month", you also have the opportunity to discover the latest Klaxcar references that have joined our webcatalogue.

Once the search is launched, the corresponding products are displayed on the results page. Klaxcar even allows you to export your results with one click in the form of an Excel listing! And if you want to refine your search or launch another one, you just have to "remove all filters" and start again.  On the top banner, you even have access to the catalogue of our top sales, available for download

The Klaxcar webcatalogue is linked to all of our TECDOC resources, a TecAlliance software. This German expert in aftermarket data management rewarded us for the quality of our data, recently awarding us the very valuable Premier Data Supplier Label. A guarantee of quality for our customers, and a collaboration that allows us to continuously optimize the quality of our webcatalogue!


What is e-commerce?

E-commerce refers to the ability to sell and buy directly on the Internet from a dedicated store.  While waiting for the advent of the metaverse, 81% of consumers already think that a company's digital presence is as important as the physical one! Selling products online has become essential to stay visible. The advantages are found both on the brand side and on the consumer side, as the latter often enjoys better choice, price and speed of delivery.

In addition to providing a webcatalogue, e-commerce is part of a global strategy. In this new omnichannel strategy, where one has to be present everywhere, very responsive and adaptable, Klaxcar allows its customers:

  • to organize their orders at their own pace ;
  • to import an Excel file in 2 clicks to integrate it into the basket;
  • to find their order histories and recharge them quickly;
  • to access to personalized rates and available stock;
  • to have emergency orders with express delivery in D+1 in France;
  • to be the first to know about the receipts in stock, by simple email!

With its e-commerce interface, Klaxcar can :

  • offer relevant content to help with the purchase (in particular thanks to the product sheets);
  • monitor inventory levels in real time ;
  • update all information (out of stock, prices, new products, etc.);
  • communicate directly the product offers and discounts available;
  • make online quotes;
  • be present to advise clients;
  • remain present after the order with a responsive and available after-sales service.

This e-commerce interface is accessible to all Klaxcar customers. More information, more speed, more exchange... A real asset for us all!


Create your account in a few clicks!

The Klaxcar webcatalogue is accessible to everyone online, but the e-commerce interface is obviously only reserved for Klaxcar customers. You are a customer, and this is your first connectionRegister in a few clicks and join your own private space. Log in easily and quickly to place new orders or track your current orders. Your Klaxcar private area allows you to keep a complete history of your past orders at any time and recharge them quickly. And all this is available in several languages: French, but also English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian!


Webcatalogue, e-commerce, social networks, online contact... Klaxcar does all this at once, and much more. By making the most of all the benefits of the web, we were able to optimize our e-commerce platform of auto parts for professionals!

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