Importance of data for the aftermarket

The aftermarket needs to have access to the manufacturers’ part references to meet its customers' demand for spare parts. There are more and more vehicle models on the market and each one has its own specificities. Without data, aftermarket players would not be as efficient in providing the products their customers need.


The aftermarket world is the one comprising the most references

There are a multitude of car manufacturers around the world that offer a wide range of vehicle models, from small city cars to large 7-seater SUVs, and from convertibles to family wagons. 


Each vehicle is available in several variants, whether in terms of bodywork, engine or finish. In addition, there are various options that will have a direct influence on the assembly of different parts, such as an electronically controlled suspension instead of a traditional one.


All these combinations generate a significant number of references at each car manufacturer. And if there are common parts between different models or even between several manufacturers, it is necessary for all of them to be perfectly referenced and accessible to spare parts specialists.


Why data reliability is important

Without perfect accuracy for each reference and an exact match for each model, many problems can and will arise. When customers need a part for a vehicle, they must be able to refer to the original part number if they can access it or be able to consult their supplier's catalogue to find the matching part according to different criteria.


Without reliable data, replacing one part with another can lead to problems. Between breakage, customer dissatisfaction and late delivery, aftermarket players would lose all credibility without it. 



Need for daily thoroughness and precision 

Every day, car manufacturers create new part references to cover their needs. A new engine that adds to a manufacturer’s range will create several hundred new references, ranging from drain gaskets to cylinder head bolts and nuts, distribution kits, idlers/pulleys, etc.


In addition, car manufacturers have to correct existing parts to eliminate defects, replace a material, or comply with new environmental regulations. All these changes give rise to new constraints for the aftermarket, which must constantly keep up to date to meet the needs of its customers with unfailing reliability.


The follow-up of these daily evolutions requires a constant thoroughness to offer precision and accuracy to the aftermarket catalogue. To do this, Klaxcar collaborates with TecDoc, which gathers and constantly updates data from the car sector.


TecDoc and Klaxcar's A-Supplier label

TecDoc is an international search engine collating the car industry data.  This data is accessible to aftermarket professionals worldwide, to provide them with information from every existing reference.


It is the most reliable tool available today to find a part on any vehicle of any brand and to obtain the precise technical characteristics released by the manufacturer. 

But it is important to understand that it is up to the manufacturer to generate the right information but mostly to cross-reference its references with equivalent references from competitors. And herein lies the complexity, because anyone can flood TecDoc with information, but what guarantees that it's the correct information?


Klaxcar has been awarded the A-Supplier label by TecAlliance for the quality and accuracy of the data that the company is able to provide. This label rewards the meticulous work of Klaxcar's internal team on a daily basis and certifies its competence in providing relevant data.


The KLAXCAR Webcatalogue makes it easy to retrieve all of our data

With the new vision for the company decided in 2018, Klaxcar has staked its future on the quality of its services. The company has developed its new website as well as its webcatalogue.


The latter, based on TecDoc data, makes it very easy to find all the parts offered by Klaxcar. Each reference is registered in the webcatalogue and can be easily found thanks to the different search functions. 


Organised by product family, several filters make it possible to refine the search according to different parameters such as the identification of the vehicle model concerned or the type of products in the family, as well as through its dimensions or other various characteristics. All technical parts, wearing parts and accessory parts are therefore available online with a detailed description.


Klaxcar's webcatalogue also allows for online ordering with the e-commerce module being available to registered customers. That makes the process easier. Once the part identified, the customer can order it in a few clicks and receive it quickly.