Tip of the month for pros: wiper blades

Rain, pollen, snow, dust, insects... windshields are exposed to many particles on the road. Wiper blades ensure the driver's good visibility and therefore safety. Klaxcar offers you a complete range of quality wiper blades.

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What are the different types of wiper blades?

Many drivers think that wiper blades are basic equipment of little importance. In reality, not all wiper blades look the same. Some are more sophisticated than others. We can distinguish 3 types of wiper blades:  

  1. "Classic" or "mechanical" ("U-shaped") windshield wipers. They are made of an arm integrated on a rubber blade. This blade is linked to a metal frame whose size changes to better adapt to the different windshields. This is the most affordable model on the market. On the other hand, they  are less efficient than other types of windscreen wipers and have low aerodynamics.

  2. Flat wipers, also known as "flexible" or "flat blades". They tend to gradually replace conventional windshield wipers on the latest vehicles. They come in the form of a rubber blade articulated on a flat broom. The aerodynamics prevent snow from accumulating and damaging the blade. They are not very noisy and particularly appreciated for their effectiveness in winter.

  3. Hybrid windshield wipers. As their name suggests, they are halfway between classic (with a similar design) and flexible wiper blades (with a similar robust structure). Widely used on Asian cars, some models have a clip fastener. This windshield wiper type is adapted to winter. As it is not designed for hot weather, it must be replaced before summer.


Wiper blades and vision problems

Paradoxically, while wiper blades aim to optimize visibility, they can cause vision problems if poorly maintained. Klaxcar shares some tips with you to keep optimal visibility in all circumstances:

  • Clean the windshield and the wiper strips regularly

  • Check the strip condition from time to time

  • Choose a good quality windshield washer fluid that does not leave marks

  • In summer, wait until the windshield is wet before activating the windshield wipers

Besides, white vinegar and soapy water mixed with windshield washer fluid are effective products to clean and degrease wiper blades.


How do I install a wiper blade?

Before asking "how do I install a wiper blade?", let's ask the question “when should I change my windshield wipers?”. Wiper blades are sensitive to the weather. In winter, they tend to get damaged more quickly. Of course, this depends on the climate of the region. In general, every driver should pay attention to the following signs to change their wiper blades at the right moment:  

  • The wiper blade begins to squeal when it rubs the windshield

  • The strips leave marks or even scratches on the windshield

  • The blade deforms

  • The arm loses fluidity in its movements

Thus, it is time to install new wiper blades. So how to do so? The operation is not complicated and is almost identical for all vehicles.

To completely change your wiper blade, you must first lift the arm by bringing it into a position perpendicular to the windshield. This part should be handled with care. If it falls  violently on the glass, it may crack it. We advise you to put a towel on the windshield to protect it during the operation.

Then remove the old wiper blade. On the arm, slide a flap to release the blade. On some models, the flap is replaced by pins, but the mechanism is the same. Finally,  install the new wiper blade by sliding it inside the arm until you hear a "click", meaning that the equipment is properly engaged.


Wiper blades: Klaxcar references

Windshield wiper brands include Denso, Bosch, Stark, Magnum and Continental. As an automotive supplier, Klaxcar also has a complete range of wiper blades. Our models are equipped with the latest market technologies and cover 99% of the vehicle fleet needs. We specialize in two categories of wipers:  flat wipers (without metal frame) and classic wipers  (with metal frame). Choosing Klaxcar wiper blades means choosing a demanding brand for an optimal cleaning of your windshield.

Among the advantages of Klaxcar references:

  • wiper blades that are as efficient as they are silent;

  • an aerodynamic and innovative design;

  • an intuitive mounting facilitated by the multi-adapters supplied with the product;

  • a clear and informative packaging to help the customer find the right model.

Klaxcar also offers a display specially designed to highlight your wiper blades  in your point of sale. For 25 years, Klaxcar has chosen the best materials to manufacture and assemble its auto parts!

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