All about the timing belt system

The timing belt system is an essential element of the engine and requires replacement at regular intervals to ensure its durability. Without it, the engine cannot function, as it connects the various rotating elements in the engine. From timing belts to water pumps via tensioner and idler pulleys, Klaxcar offers all the necessary parts to enable the replacement of the belt system and to ensure a smooth run for the engine.


 Timing belt set / Timing belt set with water pump

The timing belt drives the various internal parts of the engine, ensuring its operation, and allows for camshaft’s rotation, controlling the movement of the valves on the engine top, to be synchronised with the crankshaft’s rotation, ensuring movement of the pistons in the cylinders, at the bottom of the engine.

The timing belt sets sold by Klaxcar include both the timing belt itself and the pulleys. If the car’s water pump is driven by the timing belt, it is strongly recommended to replace it as well when servicing the timing belt system. Klaxcar also proposes sets including the corresponding water pump over and above the timing belt and rollers. The water pump will be supplied with its seal when necessary.


The different parts

For a car engine to work, the various rotating parts that make it up must be synchronised. This is the role of the timing belt system which allows for all the elements to work in concert with each other through the help of a belt.

Its adjustment must be perfect to ensure proper work of the engine and delivery of all its power without damage. For the belt to be perfectly adjusted, car manufacturers have added a tensioner pulley to tune belt tension, and one or more idler pulleys according to engine design.

While the timing belt is an essential link in the smooth running of the engine, the water pump also plays a key role, as it is the water pump that circulates the coolant through the engine and the cabin heating system.


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Why change them, and at what intervals?

Regular replacement according to manufacturer’s recommendations keeps the engine in working order and ensures its longevity. An engine will go through several timing belt sets during its lifetime if serviced properly.

If the timing belt breaks up while the engine is running, the pistons will approach the valves at the wrong time. In most cases, the pistons will most likely violently hit the valves which are no longer synchronized, and this will bend them. This will lead to high repair costs and immobilisation of the car.

For this reason, manufacturers' recommendations regarding replacement intervals for engine timing components must be observed. They generally specify two parameters to enable us to monitor servicing of these essential engine components.

The first parameter is car mileage. Indeed, all manufacturers schedule replacement of the timing system at a certain mileage indicated in the car service book.

The second parameter is the number of years the car has been driving. Some manufacturers indicate a limit in terms of years to replace the timing belt system. Depending on the age of the car, you can therefore easily follow the required servicing.


Dayco partnership / Klaxcar quality

Klaxcar has partnered with Dayco, a first-tier partner, since 2012, to complete its offer of original quality replacement parts. Each Klaxcar timing belt set is therefore delivered with a Dayco timing belt inside. Klaxcar's vision is always to offer quality products at an affordable price.

Working with Klaxcar products means striking a balance between premium brands that offer high-end replacement parts at a high price and entry-level brands that offer accessibly priced products, but with lower endurance. Indeed, Klaxcar guarantees irreproachable quality, but at a much more reasonable price.

The company guarantees quality for its customers at various levels: product quality through IATF 16949 certified factories and rigorous tests carried out in an inhouse laboratory with full traceability; service quality with optimised logistics to meet all needs in France and abroad; data quality with the A-Supplier label, from TecAlliance, which comforts our customers in the knowledge that data in Tecdoc and the Klaxcar web catalogue, accessible by all, is reliable.