The brake systems range: a safety range

Braking is a vital part of a vehicle's daily safety performance. It must be monitored, and any worn or defective parts must be replaced immediately with original equipment (OE) quality parts. The range of spare parts offered by Klaxcar covers brake discs, shoes and pads. The braking system must always be operational and the best solution for this is to replace worn out elements with high quality parts.


The different parts

To function, a brake circuit is made up of several parts that need to be replaced regularly according to their wear and tear. And if there is one area where quality cannot be side-lined, it is braking

Compact vehicles are usually equipped with different braking systems between the front and rear axles. At the front, the system relies on a pair of brake discs and brake pads that pinch the discs to slow down the wheels’ rotation. 

At the rear, the system relies on a so-called drum brake system. Shoes inside each drum contact the drum to slow down the rotation until the vehicle comes to a stop. The handbrake cable holds the shoes against the inner wall of the drum to stop the vehicle in the absence of the driver.

Larger cars are also equipped with disc brakes at the rear, allowing for an improvement in braking efficiency. At the front, the discs are ventilated to improve their endurance against the weight of the vehicle.

These facilitate the passage of air and ensure more sustained braking thanks to continuous cooling of the discs. Because heat is the enemy of a vehicle's braking efficiency, ventilated discs first appeared on sports cars and have been widely used in almost all modern cars since then, because the temperature of brake linings during a braking phase can reach several hundred degrees.


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Why change them, and at what intervals?

Components of the braking system are subject to friction during usage, causing more or less rapid wear. Once worn, they become increasingly ineffective and dangerous by lengthening braking distances and can also cause the vehicle to deviate from its trajectory. If the components are not replaced in time, the brakes no longer perform their function, and the vehicle can no longer slow down.

Brake pads and discs must be checked regularly for wear and tear in the same way as tire pressure is. Generally, it is considered necessary to replace brake discs every 60,000 to 100,000 km. Brake pads generally wear faster than discs. Brake pads should be replaced every 30,000 to 60,000 km. Therefore, the brake discs should be changed once every two brake pad changes.

The brake shoes of drum brakes have a service life quite close to the brake discs. Generally, their lifetime will vary between 60,000 and 100,000 km. It is recommended to have a mid-life dusting and adjustment. When replacing the brake shoes, it is a good idea to have the condition of the brake cables checked to ensure that they will continue to perform their function.

Brake linings are also carefully checked by technicians at the MOT / emission and safety inspection centres. They don't hesitate to ask for a vehicle to be counter-inspected after fixing or ban it from circulation altogether if a component is faulty. It is a matter of safety for everyone on the roads. To ensure that your braking system is properly maintained, it is best to consult a professional. A mechanic will know how to carry out the various inspections needed and will replace worn out parts with new quality ones.


The importance of quality = safety

As with any safety feature, no attempt should be made to save money on the parts that make up a vehicle's braking system. Faulty brakes turn a car into an uncontrollable and dangerous vehicle

This is why, new OE quality components should always be chosen to ensure an appropriate braking power for the vehicle. The choice of materials for these parts also has an influence on quality. Each element must therefore be taken into account and checked to ensure optimum safety.


Klaxcar references

When it comes to replacing brake parts, what could be better than a supplier capable of offering quality products that comply with original specifications to guarantee efficiency and safety equivalent to the originally fitted part on your vehicle. 

To make sure you get the right parts for your car without paying more for the prestige of a brand, it is easier to choose a reputable aftermarket manufacturer offering OEM quality at the best price, such as Klaxcar.

The company offers a very wide range of products to cover a large part of the world's vehicles on the road and, in just a few years, has become a reference thanks to its commitment to quality, well known by its customers.



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