Tips for the pros: road holding elements

Road holding elements are essential safety elements that must be checked and maintained regularly. Each part that has to be replaced must only be replaced by parts that comply with the manufacturer's specifications to ensure perfect road holding and efficient driving of the vehicle in all circumstances. Klaxcar offers a complete range of quality spare parts to enable the maintenance of most vehicles currently on the market.


The different parts


Road holding of a vehicle is achieved through different elements that will undergo the constraints of the road and driving imposed by the driver. These are mostly the tires, the wheels, the suspension, but also the stabilizer bar(s) with their spacers and rods as well as the wheel bearings.


While the shock absorber and its spring help to contain body roll on the road, the stabilizer bar will provide additional comfort and greater steering precision. Good wheel balance reduces vibration, while tires in good condition will offer more safety and good grip. To do their job efficiently, the connecting rods must be in good condition, as must be the wheel bearings, which allow the wheel to rotate on its hub. These parts must be free of play or tight spots. The movement must be smooth and regular.


All the parts that make up for road holding of a vehicle ensure grip and control of the trajectory, in other words, safety.


Why change them and at what intervals?


Without efficient road holding, the car will become uncomfortable and extremely dangerous. It is important to monitor the wear and tear of the various components of the car. This requires regular visual inspections, but also a technical inspection (M.O.T., etc) the vehicles must pass regularly where the different elements of the road holding ability of the car are tested to ensure their efficiency. If an element is defective, the inspector will indicate this on the report and this can lead to a counter inspection.


Be it worn-out or deformed tires, excessive play in a steering tie-rod or a worn-out suspension, the slightest weakness in one of the elements compromises safety. From the wheel to the suspension via the stabilizer bar, a car cannot drive properly if its connection to the ground is not properly secured. 


A vehicle that has a defect in one of the parts that ensure proper handling is not only dangerous for its own occupants, but also for all other vehicles in its path. With defective road holding,  steering and braking are no longer ensured properly. 


Typically, suspension components must be replaced between 60,000 and 100,000 km to ensure their effectiveness. The lifespan of suspension components varies depending on the use and weight of the vehicle. However, only a check by a professional will make it possible to define precisely which elements are to be replaced and when. 


Importance Quality and assembly


To guarantee perfect road holding and the longevity of each replaced part, assembly must be carefully made by a professional who will have all the necessary equipment to carry it out. As safety on the road must never be neglected, a mechanic will best be able to carry out the maintenance necessary to restore your vehicle's road holding.


While some body parts may be replaced by second-hand, all elements of road holding must be replaced by new parts, perfectly fitting and identical to the original assembly of your vehicle. This is the only guarantee you have of being able to drive your vehicle with peace of mind, no matter how far your vehicle has to travel. The safety of all is at stake.


Professional mechanics will tell you which parts need to be replaced and will propose a complete servicing allowing your car to get back on the road safely and pass technical inspections without any problems.


Klaxcar references


In order to guarantee an equivalent quality to that of the original equipment, each part produced by Klaxcar and constituting the vehicle's road holding ability is tested through our in-house laboratory and comes with a detailed technical data sheet including a test report. The company, backed by its experience, chooses the best materials for manufacturing and assembling these parts.


For 25 years, Klaxcar has demonstrated its skills in providing quality spare parts at the best price. With more than 8000 references available in stock in France, Klaxcar supplies car professionals throughout the world.


Klaxcar’s reputation is linked to the seriousness of its teams and the various quality controls that are carried out from manufacturing to shipping. Nothing is left to chance at Klaxcar, from parts follow-up to tracking reliability, all the guarantees are there to go back on the road with peace of mind.