The quality of aftermarket car parts

What is the car parts aftermarket? It is the car secondary market, which includes the manufacturing, distribution and installation of replacement car parts needed to keep a car running smoothly while extending its life. There are different options on this market allowing for price and quality variations. The car part aftermarket is made up of many players around the world and is worth 33 billion euros in France alone, for the year 2018. 


Aftermarket parts are not equal to poorer quality 


Original equipment (OE) spare parts offered by dealers are sold at a high price. But if these parts stamped with the logo of the car manufacturer, or its official subcontractor, offer the same quality as the factory-mounted part on the vehicle, it is also possible to find another supplier offering parts of comparable quality at a lower price.


To obtain the best quality/price ratio, you must turn to the aftermarket which will allow you to obtain high quality replacement parts at a more aggressive price because they are free from branding costs. The level of requirements for the manufacture of these parts is identical to the one followed by  manufacturers of OEM labelled parts. They must strictly comply with the same safety and environmental standards. They provide equivalent quality at a significantly lower price than original parts.


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Approvals of aftermarket car part factories


There are numerous standards and approvals to ensure that the technical specifications of spare parts are met. In order for an aftermarket part to be of quality, the company that produces it will have to meet some of them. This is a guarantee of quality.


The manufacturing process of factories will also have to meet various environmental standards such as the elimination of certain components hazardous to man and nature, and waste management. 


Klaxcar certifications and approvals 


Klaxcar has chosen to comply with as many standards as possible in order to comply with the various regulations in force. This enables it to obtain certifications and approvals guaranteeing the quality of its products and industrial facilities.


Klaxcar's plants comply with IATF 16949 standard on quality in the car industry. This standard governs the processes to be followed in the car industry for part manufacturing. The company is also ISO 9001 V 2015 certified by the German TÜV thanks to its quality management system.


Similarly, ISO R37 standards for vulcanized rubber and thermoplastics as well as ECE-R90 for the manufacture of brake pads, drums and discs are also in force within Klaxcar's manufacturing process.

Quality tests carried out by Klaxcar


Klaxcar makes offering high quality parts, a priority. This includes regular audits of its certified and approved automatic manufacturing lines, but also carrying out tests in its warehouse-adjacent laboratory.


Each reference part will undergo various rigorous tests to control its quality, resistance, and longevity. Each test gives rise to a detailed test report in accordance with international regulations, notably described in the ISO IATF 16949 standard.


Klaxcar's positioning is clear : to offer its customers the best quality/price ratio.