Why choose Klaxcar as your car parts supplier?

Choosing Klaxcar as your supplier for car parts is, above all, choosing a manufacturer of OEM quality parts. Production is carried out on its French sites and the company supplies garages all over the world thanks to a high-performance and perfectly controlled supply chain.


The equipment manufacturer Klaxcar


Klaxcar France was founded in 1995. As early as 2004, the company was certified by the German TÜV and, in 2009, it received the A-Supplier TECDOC label. Its factories are certified IATF 16949 and E-mark R37, R90, Rach, Rohs, WEEE, etc. This is a guarantee for perfect quality of its production.


With 7000 m2 of warehousing, Klaxcar offers, at present, more than 8000 references to cover a wide range of vehicles and car part types. The company, with 25 years of experience, has decided to position itself on OEM quality parts to offer a high level of satisfaction and ensure its brand image. 


Nothing is left to chance in the design and manufacture of the parts offered. From the choice of materials, to the tests carried out in the in-house laboratory, providing reports that comply with international regulations, and the various quality controls carried out throughout the manufacturing process up to shipment, Klaxcar offers an exceedingly high service quality.


Each marketed part is traceable thanks to the references it contains. The company carries out regular audits and tracks material indexes. The company tracks its production and supply chain using WMS (Warehouse Management System) tools that allows it to offer an instant and accurate inventory status to provide a high service rate.


Our webcatalogue of references 


Klaxcar has set up a brand-new multi-product, multi-range webcatalogue allowing for multi-criteria searches through product family filters, as well as competing or OEM part or vehicle. Klaxcar’s webcatalogue allows for e-commerce sales to professionals and is multilingual to open up to the world. 


From V-belts to EGR valves, from light bulbs of all types to brake discs or suspensions, Klaxcar covers a wide range of references to allow repair shops to easily find the part they need amongst 62 product families.


The manufacturer has also partnered with Dayco to supply certain specific references. This partnership, born in 2012, allows Klaxcar to deepen its vision: offering OEM quality parts with a rich and varied catalogue covering the essential needs of its customers.


Worldwide delivery


From its storage warehouses, Klaxcar ensures multi-channel delivery in France, Europe and the rest of the world. The company controls its supply chain and perfectly manages export shipments. 


Monthly and quarterly large export deliveries are organized to supply the company's customers. For France and neighbouring countries, Klaxcar can also deliver through express delivery. This rigorous organisation allows the company to be present in more than 85 countries around the world.


Customer satisfaction: Klaxcar's priority


Klaxcar's vision and positioning are clear and make up for the company's strength: offering a balance between quality and price. In other words, to offer parts from 62 product families covering a wide range of replacement parts and offer OEM quality at a reasonable price. 


This is what has allowed Klaxcar to convince its 6,500 customers over the years to remain loyal. Combining this marketing strategy with a high-quality customer care service, both available and responsive, and a technical department able to answer all questions about the parts produced by the company, Klaxcar makes the difference in maintaining long-term relationships with its customers.


Because commercial loyalty must also be rewarded, Klaxcar regularly renews its promotional and communication tools to support the sale of its products in all countries where the brand is present.


Contact us or visit our webcatalogue


Klaxcar has successfully made the turn of the computer age by modernising its website and offering a complete online webcatalogue so that each of its customers can directly search for the references they wish to order.


The Klaxcar webcatalogue includes an e-commerce module that allows each customer to place orders directly online to gain efficiency. Klaxcar's data management, rewarded by TecAlliance's A-Label (Certified Data Supplier) award, makes it easy to find the references of original parts to find the corresponding Klaxcar product.


And for those who prefer to have a telephone contact for more detailed information, they can also get in touch with one of our representatives. Klaxcar will take the time to answer all questions in order to ensure a service that meets the expectations of each of its customers.