Logistics: a key point

Producing and marketing OEM quality spare parts for the automotive market is Klaxcar's core business. However, nothing would be possible without a controlled and well-oiled supply chain. From plant supply to customer delivery, Klaxcar has implemented processes to optimize its supply chain and ensure continuous flow throughout its production line.


Impact of logistics on the supplier-client relationship 

Logistics often takes a back seat and is relegated to the bare essential of having to use a carrier to deliver an order. However, it is essential for a large company to constantly seek to optimize its supply chain, to innovate and find new solutions to improve its performance.


Each element of the supply chain is interdependent and if one link in the chain breaks, all production is disrupted, resulting in supply or delivery delays for the company. Just-in-time supply is a typical example of the interdependence of each of the supply-chain elements. 


If raw material delivery is not carried out on time, the factory no longer has the capacity to produce its parts, factory stock will very quickly run out while customers continue to place orders. Delivery times are getting longer every day to compensate for the delay in delivery and production. Customers end up being dissatisfied and turn away from the company to find a supplier who can offer the best delivery time.


A situation can also occur at a plant's production line which delivers according to average order numbers, to maintain a steady flow. However, should an important new customer place a large order, stock shortage may ensure, forcing the factory to reorganize quickly to avoid not being able to satisfy all its customers. 


Just-in-time management allows for an optimization of money flow tied up in raw material and finished product inventory, but there is always a risk of stock shortage. In the aftermarket, customers cannot wait indefinitely, they need fast delivery from their supplier.

Klaxcar logistics

Klaxcar is continuously improving its logistics

To optimize its supply chain, Klaxcar has opted for a fully computerized flow and physical location management of each product. Order preparation by the logistics team is thus simplified and streamlined, which contributes to control of delivery times and ensures a high-quality service to all its customers both in France and abroad.


To optimize order preparation, two areas have been created within the warehouse, namely, a pallet area and a picking area. Order preparation routes are thus determined upstream for better reactivity and performance.


The logistics team and sales administration supervise the company's global logistics by ensuring order preparation, organizing deliveries with the most appropriate mode of transport and in compliance with regulatory and custom requirements. 


Klaxcar's know-how, combined with its physical and human resources, has enabled the company to obtain ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees reliability of its internal processes. 


Klaxcar's logistical export performances 

Klaxcar, with over 25 years of experience, has pushed forward its logistics management for export sales. With flow optimization within its 7000m2 warehouses, Klaxcar optimizes orders and deliveries to its customers around the world. This is achieved through controlled management of stocks, production and shipments.


The company has surrounded itself with efficient carriers for the transport of its production directly to its customers. The company provides daily and weekly departures to all of Europe, in order to quickly deliver to its foreign customers, thanks to 7 loading docks that allow for rapid loading of heavy-goods vehicles leaving for European roads.


Klaxcar also delivers to other continents with a perfect command of exporting to farther markets. To this end, the sales administration team schedules very regular shipments by boat and airplane to supply all regions of the world with spare parts for the automotive market. 


The Klaxcar’s novelty for France: a dedicated warehouse for daily departures

For deliveries in France, Klaxcar recently optimized its site by dedicating a warehouse to shipments in France. This new organization fluidifies daily departures by physically separating them from departures abroad.


French orders are now managed separately allowing Klaxcar to serve its customers with ever shorter delivery times, for ever greater satisfaction!