Expert's opinion: Discover the LED Light Set

If there is one area that has been constantly and discreetly evolving in the car world in recent years, it is lighting. It is easy to notice the evolution in lighting unit styles, but little attention is paid to the technology hidden inside that allows to see and be seen in all circumstances. LED lighting is part of this silent revolution that brings real comfort to drivers.


What are the different types of car lightings?

There are three technologies for producing light on a car and a multitude of bulb types to meet different needs with varying degrees of power.

The technology currently used is the traditional halogen bulb. While economical to buy, it consumes a lot of energy and has a very average lifespan. It operates through heating a filament placed in a sealed glass filled with a gas. The reaction produces lighting which strength depends on the characteristics of the bulb. Easy to replace on most vehicles, they became standard on all vehicles during the 1980s, but their career are coming to an end since the technology is too limited to keep up with future regulatory developments.

A more modern technology emerged during the 1990s, producing more powerful lighting, ideal for illuminating the road at night. Named Xenon from the gas they contain, these bulbs operate at lower power, but at a much higher voltage than halogen bulbs. An electric arc is produced inside the bulb, and its reaction with the Xenon gas gives a higher luminosity and a colour closer to daylight. They have the disadvantage of being slower to light up, making them unsuitable for use in indicators or brake lights for example.

The latest innovation in lighting is the appearance of LED lamps at the beginning of the 21st century. This technology makes it possible to produce a large amount of light while also switching on almost instantaneously. One of the many advantages are their exceedingly long lifespan. A LED bulb can last for the entire lifetime of the car. In addition, the size of a LED bulb makes it possible to produce original lighting signatures in every conceivable shape. It is also an evolving technology, with some manufacturers and equipment suppliers working on Laser and OLED versions to offer superior lighting quality.


LED: Operation and visual rendering

LED bulbs consist of several light-emitting diodes that emit light when electric current flows through them. The main advantage is that each diode in a light bulb requires only a small amount of power to operate. This makes it possible to put several diodes in a single bulb, creating powerful, reliable and very energy-efficient lighting.

A LED bulb can be fitted in lieu of a halogen bulb. If the replacement is a little bit more expensive, the result is more than worth the investment. The lighting will become more powerful and more comfortable for night driving, while improving visibility for greater safety for road users.

The depth of the field of view will be noticeably increased, allowing for obstacles, pedestrians and animals to be seen earlier without dazzling other road users. Manufacturers can also customise vehicle lighting with LEDs by creating a branded lighting signature that makes it easy to identify at night.




Presentation of the Klaxcar LED light set

Klaxcar, specialised in quality automotive spare parts meeting original standards for 25 years, has launched its range of LED light sets that can replace the halogen bulbs of most cars on the road.

From the H1 to the H16 LED light sets, Klaxcar offers a complete range of bulbs with a huge lifespan and Bright White lighting for a light close to daylight, offering great driving comfort at night.

Installation of a LED light set is quite simple, just remove the original halogen bulb and replace it with the LED bulb. The ballast box will then be connected between the new bulb and the vehicle's original connector using a "plug and play" system. Installation takes only a few minutes if the original bulb is accessible without further disassembly.



Klaxcar's Bright White LED light set offers a power of 24 to 26 watts with a 12-volt power supply. The range is made up of 9 references to equip dipped (low beam) headlights as well as fog lights or full beam (high beam) headlights.

The 2400 lumens lighting with a 6000°K colour temperature produced by Klaxcar's LED set offer powerful lighting. When going for a Klaxcar LED bulb set, you choose lamps that have been tested in our in-house laboratory while also being equipped with an anti-error module for the latest vehicles not to be disturbed by the bulbs’ low power consumption. They also come with an integrated fan that will maintain the temperature for optimal use, thus avoiding overheating.

Most inexpensive LED light sets do not have this type of integrated module and they often generate ODB errors indicating a bulb malfunction. With the new Klaxcar LED sets, you get the quality of an experienced equipment manufacturer at the best price.