Klaxcar: ethics and customer relations

At Klaxcar, we work with passion and attention. Ethics and customer relations  are the two pillars of our company. We invite you to discover how we ensure exchange quality between employees, partners and customers for a more caring sector!  


The Klaxcar company

The aftermarket specialist Klaxcar has more than 25 years of experience. Since our first days as a small French family business in the Paris region, we have been committed to developing strong and human relationships with our partners. Klaxcar became a well-known player in the sector, in France and internationally, and is now present in more than 85 countries. However, we remember where we come from, and we continue to spread the same values around us.

Ethique et relation client Klaxcar

Klaxcar and customer relations

Customer relations are one of the priorities of our Klaxcar team. Day after day, we make sure to build close ties with professionals around the world to better meet their expectations. That is indeed at the heart of our daily concerns. To better accompany our customers to better develop our partnerships. And this becomes possible with a personalized service. Thanks to a multicultural team enriching exchanges between employees every day. It also contributes to a more precise and free communication with customers and an adapted offer. With thousands of references, the Klaxcar product range keeps growing, from wear parts and accessories to the most technical and innovative equipment. Through  30 product families, 2 million cars find a solution to their needs!

Klaxcar is also a webcatalogue that reflects our requirements for performance and professionalism. Thanks to our  in-class knowledge of the aftermarket, gained in contact with our many customers, we are certified Premier TecDoc Data-Supplier for the reliability of our data. Driven by the search for continuous improvement of our products and services, we attach particular importance to compliance with regulations and standards. For us, customer relationships stand for respect and caring. We guarantee a quality of items similar to original equipment thanks to partners who share our values and vision.

Our factories are IATF 16949 certified. Fueled by transparency and excellence, we are regularly audited and carry out in-depth tests in internal testing laboratories before any product is marketed. The technical data sheets and test reports of our equipment are proof of this commitment to our customers. Just like the  ISO 9001 V 2015 certification of the Klaxcar brand by the German TÜV.


Ethics by Klaxcar

The spirit of the Klaxcar company is defined by a number of values and ethical principles. Thus, a positive state of mind, optimism, enthusiasm, fulfillment and personal expression are part of our key values. Our ethical principles include integrity, fairness, sincerity and transparency. Ethics plays a central role in our company. More than a common vision, it is an integral part of Klaxcar's identity.

Therefore, every day Klaxcar is committed to respect:

  • The dignity of everyone. Every human being deserves respect, simply because they are human. This is klaxcar's philosophy. Every human being is a wealth for our company and for society as a whole. That's why dignity is not only at the heart of our culture, but also that of the partners, suppliers and customers we choose to work with.


  • Equal opportunities. Against all discrimination, we give every person the same opportunities. Only know-how should prevail for job access. At Klaxcar, we have implemented adapted solutions to better integrate sick or disabled people. Everyone finds their place at Klaxcar. Our employees' attachment to our company grows from there.


  • Good governance. This requires the reliability of our information, communicated in full transparency and sincerity to the parties concerned. Economic crime and corruption have no place at Klaxcar. Loyalty is part of our common language. Every day, we ensure its proper implementation thanks to adapted control methods. In our relations with our partners and customers, we ensure the fair treatment of all, regardless of their economic weight on the market.


  • The environment. Our company is aware that sustainable development is important. We are committed to the ecological transition, which is a necessity for all. To act today and raise awareness of the importance of ecological preservation, we have launched the B Green project. An eco-responsible project that helps us reflect on our work and consumption habits, and  initiated in Algeria with a tree planting involving children, actors of the world of tomorrow. In parallel, we are working on other projects internally and with our customers to accelerate our commitment to the planet.


In our society, there are still many economic, social and environmental challenges. At Klaxcar, we make sure to share the right values with our partners. Customer relationships and ethics are much more than symbols. These are daily realities, inseparable from the mission of our company!

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