Why choose an alternative range to Premium brands?

When it comes to replacing car parts, it is easy to get caught up in the big Premium brands. Their name is often associated with car manufacturers since they are, above all else, equipment suppliers to them. However, more often than not, the product is expensive, very expensive, whereas there are manufacturers such as Klaxcar who are able to offer OEM quality parts at a significantly more competitive price. So why choose an alternative range?


The danger of "Premium only" 

A repair shop that offers only Premium parts ensures a quality brand image. But the parts are sold at a significantly higher price. If demanding customers get a feeling of security by using a garage that only offers genuine parts stamped by the world's leading OEMs, they pay a very high price for it.


Choosing Premium brands ensures that parts used are identical to the factory- fitted ones when new. But it also means paying a high price for a part that doesn't necessarily need to be stamped with a big name to do the job in the same way.


What are the risks?

With the advent of internet, it is very easy to find out the price of spare parts and to make an online estimate with several car part providers. Customers of car workshops will have no difficulty in finding another garage that will offer them a more competitive formula with more economical brands.


The garage who only sells premium brands thereby wanting to play the premium service card, identical to that of a car dealership, runs the risk of losing a large number of customers in its area, who will prefer a competitor offering a more moderate quote.

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What are the advantages of opening up to a more economical range?

There is however a simple solution for these automotive professionals. It is possible for them to open up to a more economical range of spare car parts. This will allow them to offer a more financially interesting solution to their customers.


It is also advisable to propose both types of parts in the repair quote to leave the final choice to the customer. He or she will be able to decide upon which type of service he or she wants to make savings without being deprived of the possibility of choosing Premium parts for all or part of the repairs.


By also offering an economical range to its customers, the repair shop will then become a serious competitor in the sector once again since it offers services adapted to the budget of all customers while guaranteeing quality in line with original specifications.


Because using an economic range should not mean inferior quality!


Why Klaxcar is the right answer to your needs?

Klaxcar, French manufacturer of quality spare car parts for more than 25 years, is the ideal solution to offer an economical range to your customers while respecting the highest requirements.


Indeed, the parts produced by the company meet the original standards, and the company's business strategy is to offer very high-quality products at a competitive price.


Thanks to a high-performance industrial tool and computerized logistics management, Klaxcar ships its 10,000 references, divided into 62 product families, all over the world. Its sales team will guide you through the selection of products that correspond to your needs and will send them swiftly to you, from its warehouses located in the Paris region.


Working with Klaxcar, you choose a responsible company that has demonstrated its skills for several decades. Its factories are IATF 16949 certified and comply with European directives. Some products are certified E-Mark, R37, R90.... The company also complies with the ISO 9001 standard, guarantee of the quality of its service.


To meet the needs of all of its worldwide customers, Klaxcar has organized itself to offer an efficient and adaptable logistics service, supported by a sales administration department that supervises each shipment. Whether in France or abroad, this department will carry out on behalf of its customers, all the administrative formalities necessary for the proper receipt of parts.


An essential support for a trusting and long-term partnership...