Klaxcar: The B Green Project

For more than 25 years, the French company Klaxcar has specialized in the B2B sale of automotive parts. We are now present in more than 85 countries. What if this historic experience was an asset to commit to the future of our planet? Discover the eco-responsible project B Green by Klaxcar!

Project B Green by Klaxcar: What is it about?

The B Green project by Klaxcar was launched at the end of 2020. The aim? To promote an eco-responsible project in parallel with our activity. The preservation of the environment is an integral part of Klaxcar's ethical and CSR charter. To improve and continue our green efforts, we wanted to limit the carbon footprint of our global activity. This is what the B Green project allows through various actions.


Klaxcar's CSR policy targets 3 circles:

  1. Internally, the aim is to directly influence Klaxcar's employees. Among the measures already put in place: an information brochure shared internally, simple eco-actions in the office, waste sorting and digital pollution awareness or the installation of electric charging stations in the car park. In our daily activities, we also make sure to collaborate with eco-responsible service providers and partners who share our values.

  2. At the local level, we are involved  in  the municipality  and  the region where we are doing business. By collaborating with other companies, we want to help carry out various projects that are directly involved in the ecological solidarity of our society.

  3. At the international level, we want to work in our countries of operation as closely as possible to our partners and our customers. We support them directly and concretely in their actions and projects. 


Thus, to record our first action, we chose Algeria. And this is no coincidence. Historically, Algeria is a very important country for Klaxcar. And following the devastating 2021 wildfires in Algeria, the need for reforestation is more current than ever. This is why we launched a project to plant about 300 trees in October/November 2021 in Aïn M'lila, a municipality with a quite arid climate in the Oum El Bouaghi Province, more than 400 km southeast of the capital Algiers.


To carry out this project based on the quest for meaning and sustainability, Klaxcar involves children in these plantations. They are supervised by their parents and volunteers. Tomorrow’s generations are key players in our project and took part in workshops that were both fun and educational. It was an opportunity for them to learn and become aware of the importance of protecting trees and their role in our ecosystem.

Each of the 600 children who participated in these workshops received a "Health book of my tree" printed in French and Arabic, with games and illustrations to follow the evolution of the tree they planted. At the end of the tree-planting, each child also received a pen, a bag and a t-shirt as gifts.

The plantations were organized on several sites of the municipality, using different tree species (Atlas cedars, olive trees, fruit and aromatic trees ...) depending on the resources, the sunshine and the needs of the place. Places such as schools, of course, but also other public places in popular areas and cemeteries, places with a very strong symbolic significance.


On November 13, 2021, hundreds of children were invited in front of the University campus of Aïn M'lila for the largest tree-planting of the B Green project to lay the foundation for a green space that will benefit all students from all over Algeria. Klaxcar customers from the region were also invited to this event that could not have been developed without them.


Why the B Green project?

Klaxcar is not only a distributor of automotive parts for professional customers. First of all, we are a dynamic and committed company. Due to collective awareness, we are determined to take part in the protection of the environment. The B Green project is both a social and environmental commitment  that reflects the ethics and values of our company. It is important to act today for the climate!


Who are the partners of the B Green project?

For its B Green project, Klaxcar can rely on the involvement and the determination of two partners:  

  1. Geres acts for climate solidarity and has been recognized in France and abroad for several years. As a sponsor of this NGO, Klaxcar shows its support. Geres stays by our side in our energy transition. Thus, the NGO makes us participate in its actions taken to protect the environment and fight against energy poverty. By integrating its network, we benefit from a significant information provision for our project and tips to limit our emissions as much as possible.

  2. Bionoor acts for biodiversity through tree-planting programs. With 15 years of expertise in green pedagogy, in France and Algeria, the organization also promotes  products from organic farming. Bionoor has already carried out many other planting project in other regions and has been able to find the right local partners for this project in Ain M'Lila.


B Green Project by Klaxcar: What are the societal and environmental challenges?

The B Green project is the materialization of Klaxcar's ethical, ecological, social and pedagogical commitment. Through this involvement, Klaxcar wants to be a support force in its partner countries, starting with Algeria. In order not to repeat past mistakes, it is crucial to educate children from an early age. The B Green project by Klaxcar is an opportunity to transmit the importance of ecology to tomorrow’s generations.


Ethics is everyone’s business. With the B Green project, Klaxcar is acting at its own level for a better world and a protected environment for future generations!

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