Klaxcar distribution kits, water pump and accessory kits

The distribution ensures the proper functioning of the vehicle by driving the various parts of the engine. The distribution kit with water pump includes a timing belt, a water pump, and tensioning rollers.  It must be maintained and changed at the right time. In this article, Klaxcar also presents its accessory kits, just as essential for your vehicle!


What is the interest of the distribution kit?

The distribution synchronizes the moving organs between the lower motor and the upper motor. The distribution kit includes various components articulated around the timing belt.  The role of the tensioning roller is to adapt the belt tension.  The water pump ensures the circulation of the coolant.


How to recognize the symptoms of a worn distribution kit?

It is important to respect the change interval of the distribution kit.  A well-maintained engine needs several distribution kits throughout its life.  When the engine is turned on, the timing belt can break.  The piston will approach the valves and hit them. The moving organs in the engine will no longer be synchronized. You will end up with damaged or even broken engine distribution parts, resulting in immobilization of the car and high repair costs!

Manufacturers provide two tracking elements to maintain your distribution kit:

- a certain number of miles after which the distribution kit must be replaced. You can find the mileage for your model by consulting your service book.

- a number of years (usually 5 years) sometimes specifies the replacement interval.

Be careful! For vehicles with a water pump driven by the timing belt: Changing the water pump without changing the timing belt, and vice versa, to save money, is a bad idea. The timing belt drives the water pump. It is recommended to change both parts at the same time. Putting a new timing belt can weaken the water pump. The operation is more dangerous in case of replacement of the water pump alone. Never reassemble a disassembled timing belt!


Distribution kit: Klaxcar references

Klaxcar distribution kits contain a timing belt, and tensioning rollers.  Klaxcar also offers distribution kits with water pumps. If necessary, the seal of the water pump is provided. Since 2012, to strengthen its expertise in aftermarketing, our company has been associated with Dayco. True to our philosophy of offering our customers the best quality at the best price, our distribution kits include a Dayco timing belt. Between premium brands of high-price auto parts and first-price brands, Klaxcar aims for the fairest value for money on the market.  Discover our new distribution kit packaging!


What is an accessory kit?

In addition to the distribution kit, you need an accessory kit to support your engine.  This kit includes several essential auto parts, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the vehicle. Complementary to the distribution kit, the accessory kit contains an accessory belt, and tensioning rollers. The role is to operate the power steering pump, the air conditioning compressor, the alternator and the water pump (for water pumps that are not driven by the distribution). It allows the cooling of the engine. It also ensures that the various elements of the engine are supplied with electricity and that the battery is recharged. It must be changed at the same time as the distribution kit. By replacing the accessory kit at the right time, you will optimize the life of your engine.

We recommend that you store an accessory kit at home in advance and always replace your car parts as a kit.


Accessory kits: Klaxcar references

For a complete solution, Klaxcar offers a wide online catalog of accessory kits. Our references are compatible with a large number of brands and models of vehicles, from Fiat to Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Renault. Always check compatibility with your car before ordering your product. On the product page, Klaxcar offers you a summary with a classification by displacement, year, KW, horsepower, engine and body type.

Launched in 2021, the Klaxcar accessory kit with its new packaging is one of the latest flagship references in our catalog. By innovating and constantly expanding our range, our team can continue to cover the needs of more than 95% of the car fleet!

For our accessory  kits as for all our products, Klaxcar quality is ensured on three levels:

  • The quality of the products thanks to our tests, our concern for traceability and the IATF 16949 certification of our factories;
  • The quality of the service , which involves the optimization of logistics in France and internationally;
  • The quality of the data recognized by the A-Supplier label issued by TecAlliance.

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